XDP-TRANS – Transformer PD Measuring Kit

Transformer Testing – Partial Discharge – XDP-TRANS – Transformer PD Measuring Kit

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Transformer Testing – Partial Discharge

A compact and portable Partial Discharge measurement system for distribution transformers.

An innovative technique without the need to use a high voltage source. It eliminates the usual complexity and high cost of similar test set. A low voltage applied at the distribution transformer output (secondary side). It generates the required high voltage for partial discharge measurement at the distribution transformer input (primary side). Using a variable transformer allows you to identify the partial discharge inception voltage and the level of this partial discharge activity.


Voltage Range:  5 kV to 25 kV (standard coupler)

PD detection sensitivity:  15 pC

Frequency:  50 or 60 Hz


  • Partial discharge detecor XDP II
  • Capacitive coupler 200 pF /25 kV
  • Line Filter
  • 1000 pC calibrator

Optional Accessories:

  • 240 V Variance
  • 330 pF / 50 kV capacitive coupler
  • PD database and viewer software



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