Webbing Strap Type Lever Hoist

Tensioning, Stringing and Lifting – Webbing Strap Type Lever Hoist

Part number: 105

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  • Solid fibreglass handle, with replaceable tips, bends to alert the operator of possible overload.
  • High-strength Polyester Web Strap
  • Non-conductive winding wheel provided for quick take-up or positioning of slack webbing
  • Double interlocking pawls and dual pawl springs for positive load control in all environments and precise load positioning
  • Stainless steel springs and shafts
  • Bronze bushing for smooth operation and reduced wear
  • Open frame construction for easy cleaning and inspections
  • 360° swivelling hooks equipped with latches; optional hooks and gate latches can be added to tackle specific applications
  • Easily removed sheave block for single line use
  • 4:1 design factor of ASME/ANSI Standard B-30.21. All units tested at 125 % of rated load

Choice of Hooks


A – Standard Hook 

Heat-treated, forged steel hooks provide lasting strength and durability. Hooks will bend open under extreme overload situations, but will not break. Safety latches are standard.

D – Hot Stick Hook 

Hot Stick Hooks have a welded ring for use with holding sticks. Safety latches are standard.

C – Swivel Gate Hook

Bullard-type, swivel gate latch provides positive locking action for secure load holding in all environments.

DH – Hot Stick Hook & Gate Latch

Hot Stick Gate latch models have rings on the latch and the hook for use on energized lines. Holding sticks easily manoeuvre the latch and hooks.









All models meet ASME/ANSI Safety Standard B30-21

1 Includes Hot Stick Rings on All Hooks, Control Surfaces and Quick Disconnect Shaft.

2 Includes Swivel-Type Gate on All Hooks.

3 Includes Hot Stick-Type Gate Latch on All Hooks as well as Hot Stick rings on All Hooks, Control Surfaces and Quick Disconnect Shaft.

When dry and clean, webbing has dielectric properties typical of nylon and polyester.


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