Profisafe LSP3 – 690 – Solar Powered

Low Voltage Testers – Digital Voltage Testers – Profisafe LSP3 – 690 – Solar Powered

Part number: TM11933

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image21Five test-functions

Fast and safe testing of:

  • Direct and alternating voltage
  • Continuity/ diodes
  • Polarity
  • Phase
  • Phase sequence
  • Highest level of safety
  • With CAT IV the device is rated to the highest surge voltage category and can be used for operation in all ranges of power engineering
  • The ProfiSafe has been tested and certified by VDE


LSP – Lithium-Solar-Power for lifelong indication of continuity and phase sequence

  • Always successful operation of voltage test also without accumulator and solar cell (power supply from the mains)
  • Power supply for additional options from solar cell and maximum power accumulator
  • No battery required, environmentally friendly

Robust design

High quality elements guarantee function and safety even under extreme conditions:

  • Impact-proof plastic casing
  • Dust and water proof
  • (IP65, approved for external areas)
  • Spring-moulded test contacts
  • Double-insulated rubber hose Extensive optional accessories
  • Adapter for test lines and 4 mm standard plugs
  • Extension for tests on overhead lines
  • Extension for test objects that are difficult to reach
  • Case

Clearly defined signals

Unambiguous and fast recognition:

  • Red round illuminated symbols for voltage
  • Red triangle for phase and phase sequence
  • Green rectangle for continuity


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