Prufball ZAP 350 Analogue – 350W with voltage indication

Load Units and Meter Testers – Single Phase – Prufball ZAP 350 Analogue – 350W with voltage indication


Part number: Prufball ZAP 350 Analogue

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Single Phase

Universal test device for counter  mechanics and network technology

Five important functions combined in  one device

  • Electricity meter tester 350 W for all directly measuring electric meters 230/400 V
  • Voltage tester 24 – 500 V
  • Phase tester
  • Phase sequence tester
  • Continuity and self-tester

Technology and safety

High-quality elements guarantee operation and safety under extreme conditions

  • solid rubber case, dust and water-proof IP 65
  • extremely robust against surge voltage – CAT IV
  • maintenance-free – no battery necessary
  • secure two-hand tripping device for low resistive checks through patented special push-button with wide contact gap in both handles
  • Integrated thermo-switch to avoid overheating at multiple use
  • Control of voltage as protection against mistakes in voltage ranges (phase/phase) during load tests

Exact, safe display

Reliable tests by a three display system and connectible load

  • High-impedance directly indicated by LCD and LED at 24/50 V
  • connectible measuring system and start-up load in two stages with light emitting diodes and electricity
  • unambiguous direct  indication of load with 350 W by load-LED 1.5 A
  • high accuracy through precise moving-iron instrument class 2.5
  • continuous analogue display
  • LED-signal at >50 V with indication of polarity

ZAP – line

The patented connecting line between the test probes works as connectable load resistor and cooling element at the same time.

  • fast start-up through high efficiency
  • no overheating of device or handles
  • enclosed casing without ventilation

Co-axial structured connection line with twin insulated casing and PA-thermo protection meshwork for voltage test and load resistor

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Prufball ZAP 350 Series