Multisafe DSP4

Low Voltage Testers – Digital Voltage Testers

– Multisafe DSP4

Part number: TM11063

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Five test-functions

Fast and safe measuring and testing of:                

  • Direct and alternating current
  • Resistance / continuity / diodes
  • Polarity
  • Phase / Phase sequence

Easy operation

Fully automated test procedures obviate operating errors:

  • At 24 V the MultiSafe switches from continuity test to voltage test mode
  • Automatic selection of measurement range
  • Type of voltage and polarity is detected Further functions
  • Hold function
  • Zero adjustment for ohms range

Robust design

High quality elements guarantee function and  safety under extreme conditions:

  • Impact-resistant plastic housing and break-proof display cover
  • Dust and water proof (IP65, approved for operation in outdoor areas)
  • Spring-mounted test contacts
  • Twin-insulated rubber hose Highest level of safety
  • Protective resistors in both probes located directly behind test electrodes protect user and device especially against dangerous voltage peaks and energy from external sources
  • With CAT IV, the device is in the highest surge voltage category and is suitable for operation in all areas of power engineering
  • The MultiSafe has been tested and certified by VDE
  • LED display works without battery

Three readout systems

Unambiguous and rapid recognition of function and result:

1. Red LEDS for voltage (ELV), green square symbol for resistance and red triangle for phase and phase sequence

2. The display shows precise values in V or k_ as well as voltage type and polarity

3. An acoustic signal signifies continuity up to 10 k_

Phase and phase sequence test without sensor

  • Accurate phase sequence test from 165 up to 1200 V / 50 Hz by microcontroller interpretation
  • Phase sequence test with gloves possible

Extensive optional accessories

1. Extension for reaching test objects that are difficult to access

2. Adapter for all test leads with 4 mm standard plug

3. Extension for tests at overhead lines

4. Extensions securely screwable on thread of MultiSafe test probes (option)



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