Multisafe DSP 3TT3 – Telescopic Voltage Tester


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– Multisafe DSP 3TT3 – Telescopic Voltage Tester

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The MultiSafe DSP 3TT3 is a two-pole telescopic voltage tester for voltages up to 3000 V AC/DC. It is particularly suitable to detect voltage quickly and securely at catenary lines of rail systems. The voltage tester consists of a telescopic tube with test electrode to be connected to the overhead line, and a contact magnet for the grounded rail. A high level of safety is provided by protective impedance that is moulded within the test probe.

Three Readout Systems

Unambiguous and rapid recognition of function and result:

  • round red LEDs for voltage, green square symbol for standby and absence of voltage
  • illuminated display shows precise values, voltage type and polarity
  • ¬†acoustic signal > 50 V AC / 120 V DC
The MultiSafe switches on at 50 V or higher, or switches over from test function voltage test Self-test Rapid Fixing in any Position


 Robust Design

High-quality elements guarantee function and safety:

  • 4-part GRP-telescopic tube with variable height adjustment
  • Display made of impact-proof plastic with break-proof display cover
  • Dust and waterproof, approved for operation in outdoor areas
  • Solid PUR control cable with contact magnet or contact terminal for grounded rail
  • Unscrewable display part and test electrode


  • Bag with ring bolt and shoulder belt 176 x 24 cm
  • Wall holder



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