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XLPE, HVCC & HVCCT Insulation Stripper                                          

A powder-coated metal body tool suitable for stripping PVC or PE sheaths from low-voltage cable and XLPE insulation from high voltage cable. The tool adjusts for cable diameters from 15 – 40 mm and has an additional adjustment for depth of stripping blade to suit the thickness of sheath or insulation.

Fitted with a standard replaceable HSSB cutting blade, the tool will midspan or end strip most LV and HV plastic insulated cables including high-voltage covered conductor (HVCC and HVCCT). An alternative HSB11 cutting blade is available that strips and bevels smaller ranges of 11 kV, XLPE cable and only bevels larger ranges of 11 and 22 kV XLPE cable.

Part No:

HST 1540 (tool with HSSB blade)

HSSB (replaceable standard blade)

HSBB (replaceable bevel blade)

HSSCB (replaceable scoring blade)

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