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Bird Diverter / Warning Line Marker

Bird Diverters are attached to an overhead line or cable to prevent bird strike. The diverter target swings and spins freely in the wind and is easily seen by a bird in flight. Birds veer away from the highly visible roundels. It is particularly effective for large, fast birds which may cause outages. As a Line Marker it indicates location and height of overhead lines in work areas. The bird diverter / line marker is very light and will not affect conductor sag. The roundel itself is very lightweight and produces very little windage. Once in position, a strong spring prevents the bird diverter / line marker from sliding along the conductor or cable. They are made from durable plastic and Stainless steel metal parts which will not corrode in coastal areas and can withstand cyclones.


  • Can be fitted from the ground.
  • Easily applied and removed with the same installing tool.
  • Suitable for up to ¬†132kV

Overhead Line Warning Marker (Aviation application)

Overhead Line Warning Marker Installation