AE-150 Miador Tx Software

Transformer Testing – Partial Discharge – AE-150 Miador Tx Software

Part number: 252

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Transformer Testing – Partial Discharge

The AE-150 is remotely operated using a convivial software interface called Mirador Tx. The software supports both automatic and manual configuration modes. The automatic mode requires minimal parameter entry from the user. The Auto-Loc feature will then configure the AE-150 with optimal settings and proceed with a sequence of acquisitions that will lead to a successful diagnostic.

AE-150 Optional Accessories

Cable free communication

Wireless communication module with remote portable computer.


Phase synchronisation

Wireless phase synchronisation module.



Acoustic de-noising

High frequency current transformer for the PD electrical signal.

2 models available, 20 mm or 60 mm jaw opening

Part No:

HFCT-20 (20 mm ID)

HFCT-60 (60mm ID)

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