• Peter Pearce : Thew & McCann Evolves into TMAC and Delivers "Active Innovation"



    TMAC Case Study - Rebranding Building TMAC Case Study - Rebranding Building (399 KB)

    The recent upgrade of TMAC’s premises included the “re-branding” of the building as a milestone stage of the company’s new branding process which has seen Thew & McCann evolve into TMAC. Behind the brand is a company that applies “active innovation” to all facets of business operations and is always in search of a “better way”.

    Active innovation

    The ability to move with, and ahead of the times is nothing new for TMAC. (Active)Innovation is at the heart of every move the company makes, it is in their DNA and has been since Lance Thew and Harold McCann established Thew & McCann in post war Australia back in 1949. From its humble origin as a trader of overhead powerline hardware and associated tooling, this Queensland based company has evolved into a manufacturing powerhouse, known today as TMAC.

    Life for any new product begins its journey in TMAC's state of the art facility in Cleveland. Following a collaborative consultative process with the customer the search for the most cost effective solution commences. In essence it’s also the birth of a valued partnership between TMAC and the customer.

    A better way

    Advanced electrical technologies feature in TMAC’s Switchgear Portable Earthing Device and its range of Portable Earthing Clamps along with a variety of fibreglass operating tools.

    TMAC has made electricity network maintenance a much easier proposition for utilities with user friendly mechanical devices such as the Universal Pole Platform, Temporary Crossarm and the UniLifter.

    The diversity of TMAC’s innovative design is illustrated by the broad range of electronic devices featuring a range of test and measurement tools. These include Single Phase Load Units and load management technologies such as Peak Smart Demand Response Enabling Devices and the Grid Tie Voltage Injection Set.

    TMAC’s strength relies heavily on its highly skilled in-house team of design engineers and a variety of qualified manufacturing personnel covering the broad spectrum of production activity related to electrical, mechanical and electronic solutions.

    Innovation relies on empathy; the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and to see things from their perspective. As history shows, Lance and Harold’s company, now re-badged as TMAC has demonstrated this since it’s launch in 1949. There is no doubt that when responding to the needs of the electricity supply industry, the team at TMAC’s promise of Active Innovation has been closely aligned with specific customer needs whether it be for electrical, mechanical or electronic technologies.

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    Peter Pearce, Managing Director, TMAC
    ACTIVE INNOVATION - TMAC Premises re-branded.