• TMAC Active Innovation : Demand Management





    DCSR 3G DCSR 3G (502 KB)

    The diversity of TMAC’s innovative design is illustrated by the broad range of electronic devices featuring a range of test and measurement tools. These include Single Phase Load Units and load management technologies such as Peak Smart Demand Response Enabling Devices and the Grid Tie Voltage Injection Set. 

    Active Innovation

    Another great example of TMAC active innovation. The PeakSmart signal receiver and 3G DCSR devices supplied by TMAC are a design based on customer request and necessity of the electricity network operator for use during periods of peak demand. These technologies will result in the evolution of this device towards multiple field applications within our customers Demand Management programs.  

    Audio Frequency Load Control (AFLC) PeakSmart

    The PeakSmart has been installed with air conditioners throughout South East Queensland and parts of regional Queensland. Over several years it has proven to be an integral part of Energex’s Demand Management program. TMAC are proud of this partnership and the success of the overall program and continue to invest in new technologies. The current PeakSmart air conditioner controller gives a reduction in overall power consumption whilst still maintaining a comfortable environment for the customer. It’s a win-win situation for both the electric utility and the end user.

    3G Demand Control Signal Receiver (DCSR)

    This device can also be used with other hard wired appliances such as hot water systems and swimming pool pumps. With this configuration, the air conditioner will keep producing cold air so customer shouldn't notice any difference besides lower power consumption. This device is also able to communicate a host of requested information to the electricity distributor by receiving and sending commands vis SMS

    Demand Control Signal Receivers. Improves network utilisation, grid balancing and reduces overall network expenditure.