TMAC began in 1949 as a small, two-man company based in Sydney. Since then, TMAC, now headquartered in Brisbane, has grown to become one of the leading businesses that service the national electricity industry.

Our founders, Lance Thew and Harold McCann were the innovators of the 1950s and we have carried on their tradition with our range of TMAC products, underpinned by an innovative product development program conducted in collaboration with our customers.

Today, the people in our team embody this tradition and utilise their experience and know-how to deliver the products and services that meet the individual needs of our customers.
Innovation is not for the faint-hearted. Where others find comfort in a tried and tested method, we are seduced by the challenge of finding a better solution. In our Active Innovations Unit, we connect our expertise with ideas and technologies in new ways to create truly innovative solutions. We never stop learning. There’s always another answer to be found, and each day we strive to create the next perfect solution.


Our R&D program has produced a range of innovative products under our Tmac® brand and has thereby positioned us as a market leader in portable earthing equipment and overhead powerline construction equipment. It also has enabled us to develop ground-breaking products for emerging markets such as Demand Management. We also supply products for specialised needs as well as those for universal application. To augment our Tmac® line of products, we identify and partner with suppliers that conform to our high standards of innovation, reliability and quality.


Our success in serving our customers has been achieved through a substantial and successful research and development program. This program is based on our unique technical capabilities and adherence to the highest technical standards and is supported by key relationships with accredited test laboratories which ensure the integrity and safety of our products.


Underpinning our success is a company-wide commitment to engaging our customers with the aim of supplying products that meet their specific requirements, whilst maintaining a focus on the future needs of the electricity supply and allied industries.