• Thew & McCann Evolves into TMAC

    The recent upgrade of TMAC's premises included the "re-branding" of the building as a milestone stage of the company's new branding process.

  • TMAC® Parallel Groove Clamps

    Type tested to AS1154.1. Forged, high strength, corrosion resistant, aluminium and copper alloys.

  • New Improved Design for TMAC LV Temporary Crossarms

    Another great example of TMAC active innovation, the LV Temporary Crossarm, fixed bracket and insulators has been redesigned and improved.

  • TMAC® Composite Crossarm

    A pultruded fibreglass crossarm for overhead LV, 11, 22 and 33 kV powerlines. Manufactured with leading edge technology and proprietry materials.

  • TMAC® DNOB Applicator / Removal Tool

  • TMAC® Peak Smart Device

    A signal receiver for Ripple Control air conditioning units. A 3G version is under development. 

  • TMAC® Switchgear Portable Earth

    Coarse-thread screw-in operation to fix contacts firmly in place. Type-tested in accordance with IEC 61230 to confirm short circuit rating.

  • TMAC® Universal Pole Platform

    Non-slip UV stabilised tread surface.
    High tensile stainless steel locking assembly.
    Innovative pole pads for adherence to hardwood, steel, concrete and composite poles.

TMAC is a leading innovation specialist for the Australian Electricity Supply Industry (ESI)

We consult, design and supply materials, tools & equipment and technologies that are leading edge solutions for specialised applications within the industry

Our customer base expands across the ESI to various industrial customers including mining, transport and telecommunication sectors


Thew & McCann began in 1949 as a small, two-man company in Sydney. Our founders, Lance Thew and Harold McCann were the innovators read more…